Truffls Exclusive

Easy: no new tooling, no new processes

Fast: first profiles usually within the first 3 days

Enjoy the advantages of a digital platform combined with the individual services of a modern recruitment consultancy.

Efficient: suitable & pre-qualified candidates

Truffls Exclusive is your digital talent provider. Get exclusive access to the best talent – faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before.

What is Truffls Exclusive

By making use of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, the candidates that best meet your needs are identified. 


These candidates are then individually approached and pre-qualified according to your specifications by experienced truffls recruiters.

Manual high quality work

In the case of a positive match, we present you the finally selected suitable, informed, and motivated candidates individually – so your next step is to directly proceed with them in your recruiting process.

Direct communication

How does Truffls Exclusive work

Thanks to truffls, the large and valuable target group of passively seeking candidates suddenly possesses a tool that enables them to actively chase new opportunities.

For you, this means exclusive access to the best the candidate market has to offer – you simply can’t reach these candidates on regular channels anymore.

Media data: what types of candidates can you hire with Truffls Exclusive




currently employed


with academic


3 bis 7

years of work


Truffls Exclusive is completely free of risk for you: you only pay if you successfully hire a candidate.

What is the Truffls Exclusive success fee structure

Get exclusive access to the best talent – faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before.

To make job search and recruiting enjoyable.

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